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Documents required for admission to Senior House JOVIMED

  1. Application for admission to Senior House JOVIMED – download print
  2. Current health certificate or hospital treatment information card (if extraction took place within the last 30 days) – download print
  3. Photocopy of information card of the last hospital treatment
  4. List of medicines accepted by the person applying for admission to the JOVIMED center – download print
  5. List of people in charge of fact / legal representatives – download print
  6. Personal ID or other document confirming the identity of the applicant



Download a complete set of documents


Filled documents can be delivered by the following means:

  • electronic mail to
  • – fax to 42 215 81 60
  • – in person at Jovimed center 95-054 Ksawerów, ul. Zachodnia 37

Patients admitted for a stay at JOVIMED should arrive with the following personal items:

Oral hygiene supplies (toothbrush and toothpaste, prosthesis and denture cleanser)

Shaving accessories



Nail care equipment

Footwear (stable), shower slippers

Pyjama, nightgown

Sportswear type tracksuits