Chronic Disease Medical Care

The term ZOL (Zakład opiekuńczo-leczniczy) refers to an entity that provides 24 hours round-the-clock health care services which do not require hospitalization. The entity operates a stationary center and functions as the living place for its residents. The center provides the basic medical needs for people with disabilities which prohibits them for functioning independently after hospitalization or due to chronic disease.

The center provides meals and rooms which are adapted to the needs of the patients and provides them with the environment not available at their home.

According to the Polish definition, the objective of ZOL facility is to restore the functioning of the patients to a level which will allow them to return back to their home.

The Barthel scale is used to determine the admission eligibility of the patient.  According to the Polish regulations, patients scoring more than 40 points on the Barthel scale are not eligible for ZOL treatment.